We are thankful to have an active group of students that attend here. Our Student Pastor and volunteers work hard to put together activities that the students can be a part of.


  • Student Life Mission Camp
  • Wake Forest University – Winston Salem, NC

  • June 25-29, 2018

  • Contact Brandon Humphries for details.

Students Movie Night Out March 31, cost $20 – “Paul the Apostle of Christ”. Transportation provided

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Monthly Activities Available For Students

Each month, we aim to have things that the students can be a part of both on campus and off. In addition to the monthly things we put together, the students can attend youth camp for one week during the summer

Small Groups details TBA

Middle School Department

The Middle School Department is striving to help this age group relate the Bible to current “real life” issues through literature and activities, and also endeavoring to equip students to apply information presented through every setting and situation in their life. Instructors in this age group are responsive to the needs of middle schoolers and dedicated to serving in this area of ministry. 

High School Department

As older teens are preparing for adulthood and college or careers, leaders for this age group are well trained in current leadership responsibilities aimed at helping these students. Transitioning into increasing responsibilities while attempting to “grow up” is a challenging time in life. Through caring, patient teachers with the help of literature prepared for these students, all steps are taken to assist them in keeping the faith through their current and future walk in life. 


Current Leaders:

Sunday 9:45am – Jason and Jennifer Love (Jason is also our temp sports coordinator)

Sunday 6:00pm – Brandon and Kala Humphries

Wednesday 7:00pm youth service in the Family Life Center