Upcoming Events
5/30/2016 - Memorial Day
5/30/2016 - Fellowship Hall Reserved
6/5/2016 - Lord's Supper Observance
6/5/2016 - Sunday School Rally Breakfast
6/6/2016 - Men's League Softball Tournament
6/7/2016 - Dins. Elem. 5th Grade Graduation
6/8/2016 - Dins. Elem. K5 Grade Graduation

Belonging. That's the way we all are made. Not to be isolated. Not to be alone. But to be together - experiencing life with others. Belonging means having a place that's worse off when we're not there and better off when we are. At the Church in Dinsmore we're building a PLACE for you! Join us anytime and discover your place with us.

No matter what your age is no matter where you come from, no matter who you are, there is a place for you at Dinsmore Baptist Church. You'll meet a great mix of friendly people, hear relevant
messages, enjoy compelling programs and much more. Come as YOU are, be who YOU are - we've got a seat for you!

It seems hard to stay positive through tough times. Our services are meant to lift you up when you are down and help you celebrate life regardless of your circumstances. Come on by and enjoy the difference that God offers for your life and in the process we might be able to change the way you think about CHURCH.

Join us this week!