Music and Praise


Music at Dinsmore

Music is an essential part of Worship. In Scripture music was used in conjunction with all manner of activities (Genesis 31:27; Exodus 32:17–18.  Music was used at coronations (1 Kings 1:39–40; 2 Kings 11:14, events in the royal court (2 Samuel 19:35; Ecclesiastes 2:8), and feasts (Isaiah 5:12; 24:8–9). It is interesting to note the connection between music and the supernatural: trumpets sounded when the walls of Jericho fell down (Joshua 6:1–20); and David played his harp to soothe Saul during demonic attacks (1 Samuel 16:14–23).

Music uplifts, impassions, motivates and gets people involved in a service.

From old standards to contemporary songs and music, God is glorified in each of our services. Our talented instrumentalists are faithful and truly edify God through their playing. 

Our praise group also magnifies God in a wonderful way.  God is blessing our church through our music program.

Our church is truly blessed by the musical talent and leadership involved in our music program.