We are thankful to have an active group of students that attend here. Our Student Pastor and volunteers work hard to put together activities that the students can participate in.

Monthly Activities Available For Students

Each month, we aim to have things that the students can be active in, both on campus and off.  In addition to  monthly activities, they are encouraged to attend camp, one week during the summer.

Wednesdays Student Services – DSM/NIGHTS WEEKLY AT 7PM in our Family Life Center. Students can begin a journey to create community in which they are empowered to find Life in Christ and encouraged to take their next step into the future.

Creation Museum and Ark Encounter March 21-25, 2024: Total cost $500.00 per student ($125 down, $75 installments through February)

Payments for the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum online: Click the [GIVE ONLINE] button at the top of our webpage ribbon. Payments may also be done by mail or in person. 

For Student Activities Information Contact: Rev. Brian Butler,

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For additional student department details, please contact  Student Minister – Rev. Brian Butler, email:


Student Ministries – 7pm Wednesdays – Meet in the FLC Youth Room – 9am Sundays – Meet in the FLC Youth Room…10am Sundays – Worship in FLC